English Language For PMR

Read the following passage and Answer ALL question by cliking on the correct answer. You are allow to try more then once.

High Crime Rates

Due to the high crime rate in the city today, many people prefer to stay at home. They __(1)__ watch television or surf the Net or listen to music. They fear __(2)__ their home after dark. This mean that city people are getting __(3)__ lonely. But man is a social creature. We need companionship to __(4)__.. Close __(5)__ is normally achieved through family, marriage and friendship. It is in the family that we find __(6)__ first deep companionship. In the family, we are bonded __(7)__ our parents and siblings as well. We may also find __(8)__ relationships within our extended family, for instance, with and uncle or grandparents. Most family relationships are time-bound.